Nutritional Tips To Keep Your Dog Healthy And Fit


choosing the type of food to buy for your dog is difficult due to the many different varieties available in the market. Putting into consideration that every dog is different it becomes difficult to determine whether to feed raw food, canned food or grain free food. It is therefore important considering various factors in selecting dog food. Dog’s breed, age, weight and level of activity are some of the factors to consider. Five nutritional tips should be considered in determining whether the dog is having proper food.

Involving the veterinarian in dog nutrition

The veterinarian is the best person to give clarity and answer queries on dogs nutrition. Veterinarians, however, have a problem with recommending a standard dry food. The diet is fine, but science diet is corn-based comprising of animal by-products. Meat based alternatives for the dogs should, therefore, be discussed. It is also good to ask questions concerning various food brands for dogs. Learn more here.

Enhancing dogs diet with multi-vitamins

Multi-vitamins should be an important consideration in a dogs diet. Providing extra vitamins in a dogs diet is not harmful. in growth and development of a dog, the multi-vitamins play an important role.

Supplementing dog food with natural dry food

It is important considering adding natural dried food to the diet of the dog. natural dry food is usually more expensive than standard dry food. Corn, animal by-products and chemical preservatives are not found in natural dry dried foods making them more expensive Although this adds the budget, it is an easy way of enhancing the dog’s nutrition. If for some reasons the budget cannot be met, natural brands could be mixed with standard brands.

To read more on the importance of dog’s health, check out

Feeding dogs weekly on canned or raw food.

Even though canned food is more expensive than dried dog food, it’s very beneficial in meeting the nutritional requirements of the dog.  In the market, there are usually a wide range of organic and natural brands of available canned foods. Commercial raw food for dogs can be even considered for feeding.  Raw foods for dogs comprises of raw meat, organs, veggies and bones. The raw dog should be presented to the pets in a pasty format. Even though some dog owners are not comfortable giving raw food to their pet dogs, it is still a good option. Get more tips about these at

Providing digestive enzymes in dogs diet as supplements

One way of ensuring the digestive system of a dog is healthy, is by providing digestive enzymes combined with probiotics. Important sources from which digestive enzymes could be obtained include veggies, fruits, and raw meats Cooking dog food containing digestive enzymes could lead to their destruction To avoid this, buying digestive enzymes supplements should be considered.


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